Mandy Rose dominated the women’s division in NXT for the better part of the past year. Her reign as NXT Women’s Champion will forever be remembered as one of the greatest reigns in the brand’s history. However, her title reign came to an abrupt end last week on NXT after Roxanne Perez defeated her for the title.

Following the loss, it was announced that WWE released her from her contract due to content she posted on her FanTime page. Since her release, lot of veterans have weighed in on the matter especially when it was revealed that she made $500,000 on her FanTime page since her release.

Now Jim Cornette is the latest to speak on the topic when he addressed it on a recent episode of the Jim Cornette Experience. Jim Cornette stated that Mandy Rose wasn’t a big name but put in more effort into her wrestling than Ronda Rousey.

“But nevertheless, the response, Mandy Rose was the female champion of NXT. It’s not like they fired Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair or Ronda Rousey. Ronda Rousey, by the way, there’s a f*cking candidate for just moving out the door. She’s been lacklustre. Mandy Rose has probably been putting more oomph into her sh*t than Ronda Rousey has but it’s still not like this girl has ever main evented a major show or they’ve had you know, scores of people buying tickets to see her.


Apparently, they’ve been subscribing online in large numbers to see her, but there’s no middleman there. She’s getting all that directly, which is why we suspectified that she said well, you know, I can take bumps and have these girls land on my head or I can just swim around in the pool and take subscriptions on the internet. Who’s the f*cking mark, right? But I’m not knocking her. She’s not a major star. But the level of controversy from her dedicated fans was all about the double standard. And we talked about this on the Drive Thru,” stated Cornette.

During the same episode, Jim Cornette also addressed WWE’s double standard accusations by saying the company has moved on from its days of cutting deals with Playboy several years ago.

“I will summarise yes, 20 years ago, WWF had a deal with Playboy. And they were a more adult product, and they were dealing with Playboy and doing all the blah, blah, blah of the Attitude Era. And you know, that’s fine. But then they made the decision as a company to move away from that, and now they’re hooked up with different kinds of sponsors, and different kinds of f*cking business that they’re doing, and they wouldn’t do business with Disney.

And it’s 20 years later, and people are touchier in the overall public about all kinds of sh*t related to sex, even if people are having fun doing it and not having a problem with it, there’s still touchy about it. So now it’s not a double standard from what you were allowed to do 20 years ago than what you’re allowed to do now in the same company, it’s changed.

It would be a double standard as we made the point if somebody right now was allowed to do a thing that somebody else right now in the company in the same or similar position or job was not allowed to do. And that sometimes goes on as we’ve heard, but this doesn’t seem to be that instant.”

Mandy Rose first participated in WWE Tough Enough in 2015. Although she didn’t win, she earned herself a WWE contract. After spending a couple of years in NXT, she was bumped to the main roster but she couldn’t live up to the expectations. Her second run in NXT put her on the map and catapulted her to superstardom.

It’s a real shame that Rose’s WWE run had to come to an end because of some photos she posted online. Only time will tell if Mandy Rose will return to the company. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story.

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