NXT fans were left stunned last week after Mandy Rose dropped her NXT Women’s Championship to Roxanne Perez. Following her loss, it was reported that WWE had released Mandy Rose from her NXT contract due to content she posted on her FanTime page.

Once the news broke, many fans started speculating about Mandy Rose’s future in the business, with many fans suggesting that she will be AEW bound soon. However, those rumors were put to rest when recent reports suggested that the former NXT Women’s Champion had earned $500k on her FanTime page since her departure from the company.

Now, AEW commentator Tony Schiavone has weighed in on Mandy Rose’s future in the business during his What Happened When podcast, questioning why she would work in the business when she can make that kind of money without taking as many risks.

“My first thought was, if I had that kind of money, what could I do with it in the wrestling business? And then as I drove a little bit further down the road, I thought, ‘F* that. I’m going to buy a f*ing boat.’ Yes, and I’m just going to lounge around on the boat. I’m not going to be in the wrestling business anymore. Why would you want to take that money and work?”


Tony Schiavone continued to say that Mandy wouldn’t be back in the ring unless she wanted to be one of the top stars. He further speculated that the former NXT star was probably done with the business if she makes that much money from her FanTime page.

“It’s just putting myself in her position. If I had another money stream –- big money stream, which obviously it is –- I would be done with it.”

While wrestling fans would not want Mandy Rose to be done with the business considering the progress she has made in the past year, the decision ultimately rests on Rose if she wants to get back in the ring and wrestle. However, Tony Schiavone makes a valid point that if Mandy can make that much money without putting her body on the line, then why would she step back in the ring. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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