Logan Paul has impressed as a part-time member of the WWE roster in 2022. His main event match against Roman Reigns earned massive praise from fans and wrestlers from various promotions. Outside of pro wrestling, the controversial social media influencer is accused of being involved in a CryptoZoo scam.

Coin Edition has a report that exposed Paul’s CryptoZoo game as nothing more than a scam. Paul’s “fun game” claimed to enable users to earn money. However, users were left with nothing more than stock images of zoo animals after millions of dollars in investor money.

A YouTuber by the name of Coffeezilla spent the past year investigating Paul for a three-part docuseries. He asked one of the victims, HelicopterBob, who lost $7,000 under CryptoZoo, if the passive yield ever worked for him and if he made any money. Apparently, it never worked.

It never worked from the beginning. It wasn’t even written into the contract where it showed if you could yield with Zoo. But there was no way to claim your yield. There never was


Coffeezilla investigated the scandal and, apparently, Logan Paul blamed the developer of the game for its failure. Paul states that the developer created a code and then ran off with it, to Switzerland, and wouldn’t return it unless the YouTuber paid him one million dollars. Coffeezilla shared that due to Logan Paul’s influence, people spent millions. 

People bought 2.5 million dollars worth of eggs on the first day, and the game wasn’t even launched yet.”

Coffeezilla then called Logan Paul’s manager, Jeffrey Levin, who replied to the crypto investigators with a no-comment response. Furthermore, Coffeezilla claims that both Levin and Paul refused to present any evidence, or even give feedback on the issues with CryptoZoo.

Ringside News will monitor this potential blockbuster story. Let’s hope Logan has a great explanation of all this drama.

Do you think Logan Paul really ripped people off with the CryptoZoo scandal? Sound off in the comments!

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