Christian first turned heads when he worked with Edge and Gangrel as part of the faction called The Brood. After working for a short time under Gangrel, Edge and Christian split from Gangrel and became one of the most infamous tag teams in the early 2000s, called Edge and Christian.

By the year 2005, as Edge was getting ready for a main event push, Christian left WWE for Impact Wrestling, formerly known as TNA. During his tenure with Impact Wrestling, Christian won the Impact World Championship once. After spending a few years with Impact Wrestling, Christian would return to WWE for a second run. It was during this run where he was allowed to make a special one night appearance for Impact Wrestling.

During his 83 weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff described how Impact Wrestling allowing Ric Flair to be part of the Hall of Fame in exchange for Christian seemed transactional in nature.

“I love the idea that TNA allowed Ric (Flair) to be a part of WWE, that was a classy move on TNA’s part. In fact, they negotiated for an appearance for a WWE person I thought diminished the class. Now, it’s transactional. What started out as a classic move turned into a transactional move.”


During the same episode, Eric Bischoff went on to state that despite being a popular WWE name, Christian didn’t move the needle in TNA.

“Another WWE name that didn’t move the needle in TNA. Great talent, no question about it absolutely. Didn’t matter, didn’t move the needle. Because there was no strategy but I thought the move was a great move, in the beginning. I was a little disappointed that they diminished it by doing a quid pro quo, I just didn’t like that part. But you know, it was good for Ric. It didn’t hurt Christian.”

Although Christian may not have moved the needle in TNA, he did some of his finest work for the company and cemented his legacy as a singles wrestler. While it’s unlikely we’ll see Christian win a world title any time soon, he will play a huge role in mentoring the younger wrestlers in AEW. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more coverage of such stories.

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