Sgt. Slaughter made his debut in the year 1980. However, his first run in the company didn’t last long and he was soon released from the promotion a year later. Since then, he would make many returns to the company where he would perform for a few years.

Sgt Slaughter’s gimmick was one of an army drill instructor, and he managed to somehow get a reaction from the crowd, whether positive or negative. His tenure with the WWE saw him win the WWF Championship one time, which was the only title reign he had in the company.

In a career spanning decades, Sgt. Slaughter has experienced a lot including a near death experience. During a recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross described how he saved Sgt. Slaughter’s life after the Hall of Famer passed out in an elevator.

“We were in Stanford at the hotel we used there and we were having nice talk and shooting a breeze and he leaves, walks away and he gets to the elevator [and] passes out. So I ran over there and got him flat and you know, talked him through his seizure….I guess it was a seizure but he had a spell, my granny would say and he lost consciousness.


I wasn’t so sure he was gonna make it I didn’t know if he had a heart attack or what, but we called an ambulance and we got the EMTs there quick coz we’re in downtown Stanford. We’d have far to travel and so we had gotta nurture him back to life and I’m glad I got to help a little bit on that matter coz I was the closest to Bob, you know physically saw what happened and I was the first one on the scene, got him out of the elevator, he’s kind of laying across the elevator where the door wouldn’t shut. So, I did the mistake I pulled him out and then we had somebody call 911 and so the EMTs are there quickly and Sarge kicked out as he did in so many matches,” said Jim Ross.

It’s a good thing that Jim Ross was within proximity of Slaughter so that he could call medical personnel in time to help. Despite being retired from the world of professional wrestling, Sgt. Slaughter is still contracted with the WWE in the ambassador program.

It remains to be seen if Sgt Slaughter or Jim Ross will make an onscreen appearance for the WWE again. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more coverage of such stories.

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