LA Knight is one of the emerging talents of the SmackDown brand. Even though Knight was only in NXT for single year, the WWE Universe was greatly impacted by him. Knight has the potential to be a top star for the company, and he recently stated that he’s not in the business to be just a background guy.

Ethan Absler for USA Insider recently spoke with the WWE talent about a range of pro wrestling subjects. During the interview, LA Knight talked about working with Bray Wyatt and said he wishes to be a top star with WWE.

“Oh man, I mean look. I’ve never been in this business to be a background guy. I’ve never been in this to just be happy to be here. To me, legit, I’m sitting here in my office right now looking at my past accomplishments.

I’m looking at past championships that are framed on my wall and my eyes are on the top prizes.


My eyes somewhere down the road are looking at the Intercontinental Championship, the United States Championship, and beyond even that, I’m looking at the Universal Championship, the WWE Championship and things like that.

Now, how and when we get there, we will see. But that’s my future focus almost singularly and laser-like.”

In other parts of the interview, Knight talked about Bray Wyatt and he made it clear that working with the former Universal Champion is a unique challenge. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll have to wait and watch how LA Knight and Bray Wyatt’s conflict develops. Stay tuned to Ringside News to get more updates.

What’s your take on LA Knight’s WWE booking so far? Sound off in the comments!

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