Apart from WWE, the one company that gained a lot of traction in the 2000s was TNA. The company was responsible for propelling some of the best wrestlers in the world today and was run by Dixie Carter.

Although Dixie Carter took an off-screen role initially, she started appearing on television sporadically as the company was going through financial troubles. However, Dixie remained in total denial about the company’s problems, as it just got worse.

At one point, TNA even hired Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff to steer the ship. But soon even they realized that they couldn’t save the company. As news spread that Hulk Hogan’s contract was expiring, TNA did an angle where Hulk was walking out on the company, but Dixie Carter begged him to say.

While speaking about the storyline on his latest 83 weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff took credit for the storyline by saying he came up with the idea because he wanted the heat to remain on Dixie Carter.


“That was my idea. That was all me. That wasn’t Hulk. I’m telling you the truth. That was my idea. I wanted to put heat on Dixie (Carter). I wanted her to have heat. I wanted to create a story and I wanted Hulk to leave strong as he could. You may hate the idea. I may hate the idea right now, but at the time Hulk was going, (I) didn’t want any of TNA because he didn’t deserve it. I didn’t want it on Hulk Hogan. I wanted the stink to be where the stink needed to be and deserved to be, and it was not on Hulk.

So, I was willing to take the risk to put the heat on Dixie and make her look like an insane character who was hanging on to something she couldn’t control because there was talk about Hulk coming back as well. Hulk was hurting because that had a lot more to do with that Hulk liked Dixie a lot. Hulk and Dixie were close. There was no animosity there whatsoever. I think Hulk had a lot of empathy for Dixie. He really did. But, I wanted to make it clear that Hulk was leaving as strong as he came in as best I could, and I wanted heat on Dixie and that was the end I came up with. It had nothing to do with Hulk.”

Eric Bischoff continued to say that he didn’t screw the company to protect Hulk Hogan, who was leaving the company, while also saying that Dixie wanted to be the female Vince McMahon.

“I didn’t look at it as screwing the company, I looked at it as putting heat on Dixie. That’s why I wanted to blow AJ off. Dixie wanted to be on camera. Dixie wanted to be the female Vince McMahon. She needed heat to do that. She wasn’t a babyface. She needed heat to do that and I wanted to try to make her heel.”

While Dixie Carter wanted to emulate Vince McMahon, she failed at this and put TNA in grave jeopardy. While TNA later rebranded to Impact Wrestling, the company’s financial situation hasn’t improved that much, but they continue on as pro wrestling’s Little Engine That Could. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more coverage of such stories.

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