Mandy Rose was one of the most popular female wrestlers on the WWE roster. This helped her amass a massive fan following on social media over the years, and she used it to make a lot of money through a premium content service. WWE knew about her side hustle, but then it became an issue, and it caused Mandy Rose’s release from the company.

Mandy usually posts bikini photos of herself, showing off her incredible physique. Recently, Mandy Rose started using her Fantime account to post explicit ‘premium content’ of herself.

Bryan Alvarez has reported on Wrestling Observer Live that WWE was aware of Mandy Rose’s ‘premium content.’ Bryan Alvarez also noted that while WWE was initially okay with her posting bikini photos, but they changed their minds once Mandy Rose started showing a lot more of herself on the platform.

“WWE was aware of this service, so for a while this was not an issue. This was not something they were unaware of and then she ended up dropping the title yesterday and she is no longer with the company.”


It was further noted that, “From what I’ve been told her subscription site through FanTime, where she posted bikini shots, and this and that, and then recently it became more than that. We saw a lot more of Mandy Rose and apparently it got to the degree where WWE was like, ‘this isn’t gonna fly'”

It’s sad to see any wrestler get released suddenly, much less someone who improved so much over the past year. All we can hope is that Mandy Rose is able to make her way, but she’s not out of money. The rumor was that her premium content service was raking in more money than her WWE contract. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more coverage of this story.

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