Jim Ross has worked shows for WWE, WCW, NJPW, and now AEW during his many years in the wrestling industry. Ross has a tonne of expertise, so it seems sensible that a commentator would look to him for advice. ROH commentator Caprice Coleman recently opened up about the time when he received advice from Ross.

Coleman recently appeared on SiriusXM’s “Busted Open Radio,” where he talked about the time Ross gave him some advice on how to get better. He revealed that Ross sent him many paragraphs with instructions on how to improve his commentary.

“I actually reached out to JR one time, and he had no clue who I was. It was on Messenger, and I told him I was a commentator and that I want to get better and this, and he sent me a message a couple of days later. He said, ‘Hey, I saw your message. I’m not ignoring you, I’m just very busy,’ and I didn’t expect him to reply at all.

Then, he sent me like paragraph after paragraph of things to do to get better. He was like, ‘Broaden your vocabulary, study, know what you’re talking about, know the athletes, know the moves, know this.’ I’m like, you know, if you ask somebody how to get better and they’re the best at it and they tell you and you don’t do it, who’s fault is it?”


Since Tony Khan bought ROH, Coleman has offered commentary for a few AEW events. If an ROH championship is on the line, Coleman typically offers commentary on AEW TV.

Alongside play-by-play commentator Ian Riccaboni, he recently called the Final Battle pay-per-view, and it’s likely that he’ll be asked to do ROH’s forthcoming weekly TV program once it starts streaming. Stay tuned to Ringside News to get more updates.

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