William Regal shocked the world when he showed up at AEW Revolution. As previously reported, William Regal has officially left AEW, and he’s on his way back to WWE. Regal wants to be in WWE and work with his son, Charlie Dempsey, in NXT. Former WWE wrestler Jim Cornette has sharply attacked Regal’s presumably last AEW segment.

William Regal is reportedly making a comeback to WWE, but the Blackpool Combat Club appears to be in ruins as a result of its founder’s treachery. However, Regal had one more episode of Dynamite to defend his behavior. He asserted that he was no longer required by the BCC in a backstage pre-recorded video interview with Tony Schiavone.

Regal counselled his group to always be one step ahead as he bid his faction farewell. Evidently, Jim Cornette was unimpressed with the segment. He detailed how even Regal could not save the plot on an episode of The Jim Cornette Experience.

Even Regal was not up to making this make sense. He was like, ‘I realize the Blackpool Combat Club didn’t need me but I needed to show them why they didn’t need me,’ and at one point in there he destroyed every bit of credibility he had. He uttered the phrase ‘Wheeler Yuta can be the best wrestler in the world’ and immediately heads all over the globe exploded.


According to Konnan, Regal’s final episode did not address the plot involving MJF and the Blackpool Combat Club. It is unknown if AEW President Tony Khan will speak further about William Regal’s departure in the upcoming weeks. Keep an eye on Ringside News for more.

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