Thunder Rosa is major star on the AEW women’s roster. She has defeated some well-known opponents and joined an exclusive group of women who have held the AEW Women’s Championship. Thunder Rosa’s injury previously prompted her to step down as AEW Women’s Champion, but now a return is in sight.

Rosa is now expected to return in February, according to Dave Meltzer of Many people thought she would be Saraya’s mystery partner against Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter on January 11th at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, he said. Then Meltzer indicated that the most recent update on her return looks like February.

The last word we’d heard was she hoped to be back in February. There were a lot of people who thought she would be Saraya’s mystery partner against Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter on 1/11 at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, but the last word on her return was February.

Thunder Rosa relinquished her AEW women’s championship to Jamie Hayter. That relinquishment also gave Toni Storm a legit AEW Women’s World Title run instead of an interim one. Rosa addressed her injury recovery in a video posted to her YouTube channel.


The recovery is going really well. I just, this week, I was just able to do squats with a two-pound dumbbell. I haven’t done any lifting for the last four or five months, which is huge. Two weeks ago, I was able to do a 5K, which I walked half the way, cause I’m not allowed to run. I can jog, that’s pretty much it. Those are big milestones for me. I have not been able to be in the ring yet, so we’re working on that.

Let’s see when Rosa returns to the ring. She could come back to AEW and keep that momentum, but you also never know what that roster will look like in a couple of months. We’ll keep you updated. So tuned to Ringside News.

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