Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins has worked hard to establish themselves as one of the top tag teams in all of WWE. The Street Profits became draw due to their solid skills inside the ring. Montez Ford has been through a lot on his journey, and he recently gave a tribute to his oldest sister on what would have been her 40th birthday.

Ford lost his sister when he was only 10 years old. His sister, Kenesha A. Crawford, died on June 15th, 2000. Ford recently took to Instagram to post a series of pictures to remember her on her birthday.

Today would’ve been my oldest sister’s 40th Birthday.

I lost my sister when I was 10 years old, & because of it, I struggled a lot as a kid, & even at times as an adult.


I didn’t understand why it happened, I was easily angered, all stemming from that I just missed my best friend.

Even growing older, I tried many attempts to fill that void, but some pain is just eternal.

But one of the many things she taught me was no matter how “weird” I was, or how people would view me, I was still her baby brother.
And that one day, people will embrace my craziness, & to bring joy to the world.

I wish you were here for me to tell you in person, but…

Happy 4-0 BIG SIS!

I thank God for the 10 years I did get to spend with you here.

I hope I’m making you proud, thanks for always putting up with my hyper ways & always being my favorite wrestling opponent, way before these big stages & lights came into play.

You’ve been my motivation to keep going everyday. And I thank God for that.

I still love & miss you dearly,

Forever & always Your baby brother,

As previously reported, he had suffered a calf injury but was ready to make his in-ring return. Ford made his return to the squared circle this week, where he teamed up with Dawkins against Alpha Academy on Monday Night RAW.

We will have to wait and see how The Street Profits will be booked in the coming weeks, now that they have finally returned to WWE television. Fans are simply happy to see them back now. You can check out his Instagram post below.

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