Stevie Ray was part of the iconic Harlem Heat tag team in WCW. Alongside his real-life brother Booker T, the two grabbed numerous titles. He has now revealed that WCW rejected the proposition of Harlem Heat vs Road Warriors, no matter how much money they were leaving on the table.

Stevie Ray appeared on Grue Rume Show and discussed some of their memorable career events. He went on to describe his single most regret while being on WCW. It was Harlem Heat not being able to face off against Road Warriors due to a red signal from the management.

Ray and Road Warrior Animal always used to talk about the possible match between these two teams. However, management rejected the proposal even though it would’ve bagged them some serious money. Ray still questions the people that were running the office at that time for such a decision.

“That’s my only regret in my whole wrestling career … Why the office didn’t see that, we have no idea. Me and Animal talked about it for years, man. You know, and another, another brother we’ve lost. God rest his soul, every time we’d see each other, we’d talk about, ‘Man, we could’ve, what kind of money we could’ve drew’ … I question the, you know, the people that were running the office at that time.”


Like Harlem Heat, The Road Warriors were a well-known tag team that once thrilled audiences. The Road Warriors won the NWA World Tag Team Championships, WWE Tag Team Championships, and many more titles during their time.

The Road Warriors and Harlem Heat never had a full-fledged feud, but they did face each other once, on a 1996 edition of WCW Nitro, with the Road Warriors coming out on top.

Booker and Ray won the WCW World Tag Team Championships ten times and held them for 470 days. The Nasty Boys and Rick and Scott Steiner were two well-known teams that the current Hall of Famers faced off against. It would have been the icing on their career cake if this rivalry materialized.

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