Stone Cold Steve Austin was credited as the biggest draw during the WWE’s famous Attitude Era in the late 1990s. The Texas Rattlesnake made his in-ring comeback earlier this year, with rumors swirling that Austin may be training for another match inside the squared circle.

On the most recent episode of “Foley Is Pod” on, Mick Foley talked about Stone Cold Steve Austin’s professional life. When asked if he wanted to see Austin return to the ring at WrestleMania 39, Foley responded, “No.”

Foley said he thinks Steve Austin went and did so much more than anybody thought he would. He said Steve did such a fantastic job. According to Foley, people would love to see him and The Rock, but not as much as they’d love to see Rock and Roman.

No. He had the swan song and it was a tremendous swan song. It was my favorite match of the night just because Steve went and did so much more than anybody thought he would. Then Kevin Owens deserves some type of award. I don’t know if the Nobel Peace Prize went to Kevin Owens last year. I could argue he should have won it just for single-handedly carrying that angle. Steve wasn’t even on TV.


I think he did one promo by remote. Owens calling the Texas landscape flat and uninspired is just a thing of beauty. Then the next night trying to create an excuse for his loss by saying not only was he lifting weights, he was lifting a lot of weights. Man, there’s a lot you can learn from watching how that program was done, but the main ingredient is that your guy coming back has to be able to deliver on a level or exceed the level that is expected. Steve did such a fantastic job. Of course, people would love to see him and The Rock, but not as much as they’d love to see Rock and Roman, in my opinion.

I started to write an article called, ‘What’s what with what?’ I was going to say like, yeah, theoretically, a really good promo guy should be able to dig himself out of that hole, but you shouldn’t have to start in a hole. You shouldn’t have to start the count at 0-2. I just think that’s not the best way to remember Steve’s career by echoing that.

It throws a lot of people off to the point where I’ll argue, when Mark Henry did his RAW promo on the heels of that great angle where he laid his shoes down and then he turned on John Cena, that he had a really nice heel run ahead of him. That was somewhat diminished by not getting out of the batter’s box on the following promo because of the ‘what’ stuff. So I was not a fan of it. I think for everything great that Steve has done, that’s the one I wish people would just let go off.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s comeback at WrestleMania exceeded fans’ expectations. With Austin looking in great shape and still not denying about a potential match in the WWE, it seems like there is still hope to see Steve Austin step back inside a WWE ring for a mega showdown.

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