Rob Gronkowski is a four-time Super Bowl champion and is regarded by many as one of the best football players in the modern era. He was also involved in a program at WrestleMania a couple of years ago. In fact, WWE had huge plans for him at SummerSlam in 2020 but they were scrapped.

Rob Gronkowski first made an appearance during the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33. He helped his friend Mojo Rawley win the match during that appearance. Afterwards, he also had a program at WrestleMania 36 back in 2020.

While speaking to Steve Fall’s Ten Count, Mojo Rawley was asked if he and Rob Gronkowski were going to be a tag team at SummerSlam in 2020. Rawley revealed that a tag team match was in the works, but that was scrapped after Gronkowski got a $10 million offer from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“Rob was hanging it up from football. The plan was to do a tag match with me and him at SummerSlam because it was in Boston that year. I think we were going to work with Miz and John Morrison. They were throwing around some names. There was, you know, potentially The Revival we were talking about. Obviously, it’s their call so they were going to do what they think. Any one of those guys would have made that match an incredible match and Rob was ready to come in and work.”


But yeah, he came in, he signed the contract. From Boston, I think I was going to turn on him and then we were going to have the one on one, no DQ match in Saudi Arabia where my dad’s whole side of the family lives, was kind of like the storyline. After I turn on him, you beat the crap out of me in my hometown in front of my family. I’m gonna do the same to you in Saudi at one of these big matches, and I thought that was gonna be dope.”

He would have had enough time to come in and train like, you know, Bad Bunny and Logan Paul, guys that train every single day in the ring for three, four or five weeks, you know, and they’re training for one match. They’re not training for a different match every night. So when you’re training for one match, you can get anybody there to go in and kill it with enough training if they have a good athletic pedigree, which of course Gronk has.”

That was the plan, but then I was sitting with him in his trailer before a SmackDown when Brady and Drew Rosenhaus called him and told him that (Tom) Brady was, you know, gonna go to the Bucs. Rob had, I believe 10 million or more on the table to go back for one season left on his contract and it was just like, it was a no brainer to come back. He was feeling good. He’s feeling fresh. Go back for one last run. Of course, they won a Super Bowl, so he made the right decision. I can’t knock him for that.”

Rob Gronkowski eventually retired from the NFL and by the looks of it, he might not be returning to WWE anytime soon. Regardless, fans will just have to wait and see what’s next in store for Gronkowski.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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