The wrestling community frequently witnesses heated disputes, sometimes even between wrestlers and fans. Recently, Ryback criticized some pseudo wrestling fans on Twitter for demeaning professional wrestlers, and it now seems like Disco Inferno is standing by him.

As a young wrestling fan, Ryback asserted that he respected every professional wrestler and that the so-called “fans” of the profession who spread hate are mentally ill.

I cannot even imagine sending hate to pro wrestlers as fans. Growing up watching I loved everyone & always understood it was physical acting. Sure I had my favorites, but I just admired everyone I saw. Unfortunately wrestling attracts some with severe mental limitations.

Disco Inferno appeared to agree with Ryback’s assertions, claiming that they are individuals incapable of appreciating anything since they despise themselves so much.


“They are not “fans”. They are despicable people who hate themselves so much because they are physically repulsive looking that they are not capable of liking ANYTHING.”

In other news, Ryback claimed on Twitter that he was being treated like terrorist and vowed to continue fighting the WWE and see that justice was done. To get the latest updates regarding the WWE industry, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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