CM Punk has been rare sight in the world of professional wrestling. The Second City Saint became the subject of controversy yet again after he was involved in a brawl after the AEW All Out media scrum. Despite reports that AEW is considering buying out CM Punk’s contract, he is still getting paid while under suspension.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Punk was still under contract to AEW as of the weekend. Sources close to him said that AEW is responsible for the hold up on his release. Punk is ready to move on from his contract, but at least he’s still getting paid.

Punk as of the weekend was still under contract to AEW and being paid and those close to him say the hold up on his being released is all on the AEW side as he’s ready and willing to move to his next project.

The Best in the World returned to pro wrestling after seven years in 2021 under Tony Khan’s regime in AEW. He was immediately positioned to be a top attraction and looked to take the upstart promotion to greater heights. However, things went sour as CM Punk was involved in real-life backstage brawl with Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks after the Second City Savior’s time at the AEW All Out media scrum.


A report also emerged indicating that CM Punk’s dog Larry was reportedly hurt during the All Out fiasco. Then Punk added some potential evidence. AEW also isn’t likely looking at buying out CM Punk’s contract. Only time will tell where Punk’s next project is, but WWE return rumors are certainly heating up.

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