The Miz’s WWE career has been astounding, to say the least. He was one of the few people who were able to transition from a reality television star to a WWE superstar. Although his peers questioned his abilities to perform, The Miz has no doubt silenced all his critics. That doesn’t make him immune to WWE’s cancelling plans.

Jessie Godderz shares a similar journey with The Miz. Godderz starred in a couple of reality shows like “The Real World” and “The Challenge” before transitioning into a wrestler. During his tenure as a reality star, Godderz was vocal about becoming a wrestler, much like The Miz. Oddly enough, the two men were set to cross paths at one point.

Jessie Godderz revealed to PW Mania, that WWE once tried to get a hold of him for months to set up a feud with The Miz. He also mentioned that he didn’t know about it until ten years later.

“Apparently Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis liked my look, my charisma, and liked the fact that I was promoting WWE to a huge mainstream audience,” Godderz told “I later found out that they had an idea to have me start a Reality Show Rivalry with The Miz.


On Big Brother, you’re locked away for several months during the summer with no telephone and no communication with the outside world so they were not able to get a hold of me at the time.

“So after a few weeks, their interest waned, they gave up and moved on,” he lamented. “That was in July of 2009, I believe. Then when the season ended in September and I got out of the house, I had no idea that WWE had been frantically trying to reach me months earlier! I only found out about it 10 YEARS later when I ran into another member of the WWE Talent Relations Department at an OVW Combine where I was making a Guest Appearance in 2019 and he told me the whole story.”

It’s a real pity that Jesse Godderz was unable to answer WWE’s call, as that could’ve been one hell of a rivalry. We will have to see if WWE will renew their plans to have the two men feud in the future.

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