Hulk Hogan is still regarded as one of the best wrestlers of all time. After hanging his boots, Hulk Hogan underwent three lower back surgery. According to The Hulkster, he had 12 surgeries to relieve his back pain over his historic career. It was the toll he suffered on his body as a result of his career’s leg drops and slams.

Ric Flair and Conrad Thompson recently discussed Hulk Hogan’s career on the latest To Be The Man podcast. They also discussed current wrestling events. Ric provided an update on Hogan’s health.

Flair stated that Hogan went through ten back surgery in the last five years. Hogan wasn’t moving well last year. However, Flair said that he appears to be doing better now.

I talked to him quite a bit. As of recently, he’s in much better health than he has been. By that I mean I think his back is a little bit better now.


Hogan is active on Facebook, particularly with videos promoting his Florida beach shop. Recent videos on his account back up Flair’s claim. Hogan appears to be moving much better these days. Let’s see what Hogan has in store for us next. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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Shivangini Rawat

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