Sami Zayn became one of the brightest WWE talents for his work as an Honorary Uce in the Bloodline. Zayn proved his worth as a credible star and seems to be enjoying his current run. Moreover, Sami has Bloodline all over his gear nowadays and recently, costume designed Sarath Ton revealed an interesting fact about the actual plans for Sami Zayn’s ring gear.

Sarath Ton, formerly known as Mikaze, wrestled on the independent circuit. He later on became a WWE costume designer and majorly focused on creating outfits for his wife Sasha Banks. Furthermore, he revealed himself to be behind the ring gears of superstars such as Finn Balor and the former Conspiracy Theorist, Sami Zayn.

Sami Zayn’s current outfit presentation flanked by the colors of The Bloodline are the brainchild of Sarath Ton. However, Ton revealed that the intial plan for Zayn’s gear was very different from how it actually turned out to be. Although, he believes that it all worked out for the better. Sarath Ton spoke about this on the recent episode of the “Not Sam” podcast.

“So I’ve been working on Sami’s stuff for a little while, and when he transitioned into the storyline with The Bloodline, we had talked about putting ‘Honorary’ on his tights, putting it on the shirt.”


“For whatever reason, things didn’t progress as quickly as we wanted them to, as far as the gear. And then all of a sudden that moment comes where Roman [Reigns] bestows the shirt on him. I was telling him, ‘Yeah, if we had put ‘Honorary’ on your pants when you had wanted to, then you wouldn’t have got that emotional beat that we got then. Because now, Roman’s bestowing you with that ‘Honorary’ name.'”

Sarath Ton claims that he modeled much of Sami Zayn’s ring gear on Roman Reigns to further establish a deep connection between the Tribal Chief and the Honorary Uce. Sami Zayn proved his loyalty to the Bloodline this past weekend at Survivor Series, playing a major part in the faction’s victory inside the War Games structure.

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