Mickie James’ brother and her 16-year-old niece tragically passed away in a car accident. The trailblazing female wrestler revealed on her Twitter that it has been a week since she lost her brother, and this has been a very tough situation.

In a series of tweets, Mickie James expressed her gratitude to her followers for their heartfelt messages following her loss. She urged her followers to pray for her sister-in-law, who is in critical condition at the hospital. She also called for her followers to lift the other person involved in the accident and assured them that it wasn’t their fault.

“Thank you everyone for the love & the messages. It’s warmed my heart. Please continue to pray Wayne’s wife Christy Knuckles. She is still in serious condition in the hospital. She lost both her husband (My brother) and her 16yr old daughter in the accident. I can’t imagine. Also for the parents of her daughters best friend who was only 15. They had just picked her up and we’re taking the girls to school. My heart is broken for them as I don’t know what I would do. Think. Or even feel. I am sending so much strength, healing, and love. Lastly, please lift up the driver of the other vehicle who hit them. Thankfully he is ok. But mentally & emotionally I’m sure is devastated. I hope he knows and forgives himself. It wasn’t your fault. There was nothing you could do. It was an accident. A tragic accident.”

Our thoughts go out to Mickie James and her family through this troubling period. We hope she can stay strong and continue to be a beacon of courage and hope for her family. We also hope that her sister-in-law makes a speedy recovery


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