The Rock is one of the most popular wrestlers to set foot inside a WWE ring. He was able to take his stardom and transition it into a successful Hollywood career. The Rock is known for a lot of things – his acting skills, his mic skills, his catchphrases, and his eyebrows. One of the things that catch people’s eyes when they see The Rock is his incredible physique.

Undoubtedly, The Rock works incredibly hard to maintain such a look. His workout routine is next level, and he is able to maintain a consistent training routine despite his busy schedule. To maintain those incredible muscles, The Rock reportedly eats 8,000 calories per day. However, one bodybuilder has called out The Rock for lying about his diet.

Greg Doucette who is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder recently released YouTube video taking shots at The Rock’s claim that he consumes 8,000 calories daily. According to Doucette, if The Rock consumes 8,000 calories per day, he would be 100 pounds overweight.

“l ride bikes, I do a ton of cardio. I can tell you there is no way The Rock burns enough calories to average 8,000-6,000 calories a day and look like this.”


“If he actually ate those kinds of calories, 6 to 8 thousand calories a day, he would be a hundred pounds overweight.

“Every day I personally eat more than I see Rock eat. Yet I eat an average of 3500 cal a day. I usually eat 3 to 4 thousand cal a day.

“How can The Rock eat twice what I eat? Is he twice my size? Does he work out twice as much as Coach Greg, is he racing bikes as far as I am, is he even doing a s*** ton of cardio? I don’t think so, so how do you think that The Rock is staying in the shape that he is if he’s eating that many calories? News flash, report Greg right here, reporting the news, The Rock’s lying,” said Greg Doucette.

There is no way to know for sure if The Rock actually consumes 8,000 calories per day. One thing we can say is that his diet still has to be impressive to maintain that muscle mass. We will have to wait and see if The Rock will respond to Doucette’s accusations.

Do you think The Rock really consumes 8,000 calories per day? Let us know in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

Passionate pro wrestling fan. Sunil has been writing WWE content writing for over the last five years. Sunil still gets excited when he gets to tell people that he gets paid to watch pro wrestling.

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