Logan Paul put on the performance of a lifetime at WWE Crown Jewel when he faced Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. The match was critically acclaimed and Paul was praised for his performance.

During the match, Jake Paul also got involved and took out The Usos. Many times during the bout, it felt like Logan might actually dethrone Reigns. However, Roman Reigns somehow managed to win and retain his title.

Now, Logan Paul has released unseen footage of the exact moment Triple H asked him to face Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel. The incident took place three months before the actual match with Triple H informing Paul over the phone.

“I had an idea, I didn’t want to throw it at you ’til now because I wanted to get full sign off on it. You versus Roman Reigns,” said Triple H via a phone call.


After the call, Logan Paul was surprised and joked that Roman Reigns was going to kill him. “Woah, they’re gonna put me against Roman Reigns, the reigning WWE Champ? He’s gonna kill me,” Logan asked.

During the match against Roman Reigns, Logan Paul suffered multiple injuries. He later announced that he will be out of action for a couple of months due to those injuries. It will be interesting to see if Logan will return in time for WrestleMania.

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