Ronda Rousey enjoyed a history-making career during her tenure in the UFC. She became the first woman to sign with the company and also became the first woman to hold a UFC title. Ronda’s initial career was filled with dominance.

She would destroy her opponents within seconds of the first round. This became her trademark for years and many fans believed Rousey would remain undefeated in her entire career. However, all that came crashing down when she faced Holly Holm at UFC 193.

Holly Holm exposed all the jinks in Ronda Rousey’s armor and shocked the world by defeating her via a knockout. Following the loss, Rousey took a year away from the sport but returned at UFC 207 to face Amanda Nunes. However, Rousey lost that bout as well. That was Rousey’s last fight as she signed with WWE in 2017.

However, former UFC Bantamweight Champion Julianna Pena has some harsh words for Ronda Rousey during her appearance on the MMA Hour. She questioned Rousey’s legitimacy and claimed that the two losses Rousey suffered toward the end of her career ruined her legacy.


“Ronda is such old news. What’s incredible about her is that she opened up the door and was destroying people in ten seconds and she became a star because she was demolishing people in the first round and that’s great.

But she got knocked out twice and never came back, and so how legit is she? She had to go to professional wrestling and I get that, it’s great but as a fighter and somebody who’s competitive, I know that deep down it probably truly bothers her that she ran way off two knockout losses and never came back to make her name good.”

Ronda Rousey signed with WWE in 2017 and made a successful transition into the world of professional wrestling. Since joining WWE, Rousey has risen to the top and become 3-time Women’s Champion. In such a short span, she has already had a hall of fame worthy career in the WWE.

Do you think Ronda Rousey’s MMA legacy has been ruined? Sound off in the comments section.

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