WWE tried something new for a while where every week, a celebrity, former or present wrestling star, or anybody else acted as a guest host of Raw. This concept saw more failures than triumphs over its year-long run. Several celebrities have little to no knowledge of the WWE product and thus had nothing to contribute to the show. Mick Foley recently recalled WWE being unhappy with Jonah Hill as a guest Raw General Manager.

Mick Foley recently discussed a variety of issues on his Foley is Pod, which is available via AdFreeShows. During it, the WWE Hall of Famer explained why Jonah Hill never served as a guest GM for Raw. This was supposed to happen in November 20211, however his appearance was later canceled and did not air.

Mick stated that Jonah is not a fan of wrestling and that there was a reason why Jonah Hill was advertised as the guest GM, but the show never aired. He also stated that some guys hated working with him, but others, such as Hugh Jackman, dynamite, and The Muppets, enjoyed it. He said that Jonah clearly did not want to be there.

He’s not a wrestling fan. There was a reason why Jonah Hill was advertised as the guest GM and it never aired. The guys hated working with him. There were some like Hugh Jackman, dynamite, The Muppets, they loved it. Almost everyone was a good experience. Jonah Hill was one that didn’t even make the air because he apparently just didn’t want to be there and it showed. I think somebody saw him mouthing to his agent, ‘Get me out of here.’


Mick Foley has done a lot in his life, not only having a successful wrestling career but also experimenting with writing and acting. Let’s see whether Jonah reacts to what Mick said. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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