MJF is undoubtedly one of the most controversial stars in professional wrestling. Whether he is on television or on social media, he certainly knows how to get people talking about him. He also made it very clear through his tweets that he isn’t afraid of talking trash. Today was no exception, either.

It all started when a British fan put out a tweet stating that being on Twitter has taught him that Americans can’t cook. The tweet quickly gained traction amongst fans.

“One thing that being on Twitter during Thanksgiving has taught me is that Americans don’t know how to cook.”

AEW wrestler Brian Pillman Jr. caught wind of the tweet and replied asking the journalist not to speak ill of his aunt Linda before jokingly stating that she is Welsh.


“Don’t you dare speak ill of my Aunt Linda like that! To be fair she is Welsh though.”

MJF felt the need to insert himself into the Twitter conversation by calling Brian Pillman Jr.’s aunt a whore. “She’s a whore,” tweeted MJF

The conversation continued when Brian Pillman Jr. poked fun at Naomi Rosenblum’s name. Naomi is MJF’s fiancé, and she had become the subject of lot of social media shade in recent memory.

“And Naomi spelled backwards is “I moan”… Turns out it’s pretty accurate, at least from my experience.”

MJF appeared to be unfazed by Brian Pillman Jr.’s comments regarding his fiancé. In fact, he asked Brian Pillman Jr. to take her. “Plz by all means. Take her,” he responded.

Brian Pillman Jr. didn’t hold back either as he informed MJF that he doesn’t go back for a second plate unless it’s thanksgiving.

“Come on Max, you know I never go back for a second plate, unless it’s Thanksgiving of course.”

While the Twitter exchange between MJF and Brian Pillman Jr. is certainly entertaining for the fans, it will be even more interesting to see if AEW decides to turn this into a storyline on AEW television in the future.

This might have to be settled in the ring. You may check out the entire Twitter exchange below,

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