Bryan Danielson is one of the most renowned talents in the history of this industry. The American Dragon has appeared in almost every major wrestling promotion in the United States. However, Danielson recently made a bizarre comparison between Genghis Khan and himself, saying that he thinks he’s richer than him.

Danielson was the most recent guest on One Fall with Ron Funches, where he talked about a range of topics. He claimed that Sprite and Mcdonald’s tasted better than anything Genghis Khan ever had in his life.

“One of the things that I like to remind my friends, all the time, is that — Sprite is a perfect example — Genghis Khan took over most of his known world at the time. He never had Sprite. I’m way richer than Genghis Khan ever was. If he wanted to eat something delicious, it took a long time, and I’m sure he had someone else cook it for it him.

I don’t eat McDonald’s, but I’m sure I can go into McDonald’s and get something better than he ever ate in his entire life, and that man ruled the world. Genghis Khan, screw him, he never had Sprite.”


Funches started the story by describing how his friend appreciates the small things in life, like the taste of Sprite. Danielson also gave an explanation of why he enjoys working with new talent elsewhere in the podcast.

Do you think we live in a better era than Genghis Khan because we have McDonald’s?

Smita Singha Roy

Smita is majoring in engineering and she loves to learn about new things. She is an enthusiastic and determined girl, who loves reading newspapers and is passionate about people, history, and storytelling. She watches movies to enrich her life experience and explore new perspectives. Besides, she is an artist, loves cooking, and plays the guitar.

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