Dustin Rhodes appeared on Talk Is Jericho to cover a variety of issues. During it, he discussed his younger brother, Cody, who left AEW for WWE earlier this year after being a founder of the rival promotion. Dustin expressed his sadness at Cody’s departure but also acknowledged that he is still young and has a bright future ahead of him.

Cody Rhodes is expected by many fans to return on time for the 2023 Royal Rumble match. If he returns, it might be like Daniel Bryan in 2014, with fans refusing to accept any other winner. Dustin Rhodes recently weighed in on Cody leaving AEW for WWE.

Dustin also stated that watching him return at WrestleMania was just huge and that he will not miss any of his stuff. Dustin mentioned that Cody is on the rise to becoming a champion and that he has set the tone for it in his last eight years of work and the things that he has done. Dustin described him as a professional who is completely different from himself.

Dustin stated that he and Cody are polar opposites. Dustin also remarked how Cody has a creative mind like their father. Dustin regarded himself as the family’s grunt or worker and Cody on the other hand is surpassing everything. Dustin finally acknowledged that he hopes Cody was still here in AEW.


Kind of down a little bit, but you know, Cody is still young. I mean, there’s such an age gap, 16 years, so he’s kind of in his prime now. But watching him return at WrestleMania was just huge, and you know, I’m not going to miss any of his stuff. He’s on the rise to become a champion. I really think he’s set the tone for that in his last eight years of work and things that he’s done that he’s built up. He’s very professional. He’s very different than I am. We’re two completely opposite people. I mean, he has that creative mind like my dad had. I’m more the grunt, the worker, in the family, but he is surpassing everything. He’s doing amazing. It’s great, but yeah, I wish he was still here.

Cody has yet to get approval from his doctor due to his torn pectoral. It remains to be seen what WWE has in store for Cody. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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