LA Knight is emerging to be one of the most charismatic showcases on Friday Night SmackDown. Since his split from Maximum Male Models and donning his old persona, LA Knight is looking to capitalize on the opportunity. However, he now finds himself in the cross-hairs of Bray Wyatt, but did not back down from berating him further.

LA Knight debuted on SmackDown back in May 2022 as Max Dupri. After a short run under his new gimmick, he reverted to his roots to rise up to the top like he did back in NXT. LA Knight now finds himself at odds with Bray Wyatt, who made his return to the WWE back at WWE Extreme Rules.

The tension began between the men when Bray Wyatt interrupted LA Knight during a backstage segment on SmackDown two weeks ago. The highly intense segment ended with Wyatt headbutting Knight to the ground. The following week saw the Eaters of World calling out LA Knight to apologize for his actions.

LA Knight was not ready to forgive Bray Wyatt and retaliated by slapping the former WWE Universal Champion twice across the face and retreated, leaving Bray Wyatt furious.


The former Max Dupri shed some light on the incident before his scheduled bout with Ricochet at this week’s Saturday Night Main Event. LA knight addressed to Wyatt as a “trash bag human,” further stating that the Face of Fear is afraid to come face-to-face with him.

“I could’ve sworn I just heard everyone in this building going, ‘Talk to us.’ So this one time, I am going to give you what you’re asking for. Let me talk to ya. I guess we have some Bray Wyatt fans here tonight? That’s what I was expecting, a bunch of trash. That’s what I expected, because that trash bag human, he ain’t here tonight. You know why that is? Because I am here, and he’s scared to show up and look into these eyes again… You saw the slaps. Not slap, slaps, count them, one, two, right across his meaty face.”

LA Knight’s actions of slapping Wyatt cost him big time as he was found unconscious backstage buried underneath a bunch of stage equipment. It is still unclear who attacked him, but all signs point towards Bray Wyatt’s involvement in this attack, possibly Uncle Howdy.

We can expect a great build-up of this rivalry in the following weeks on the blue brand. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

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