Mandy Rose has been dominant champion in NXT ever since winning the title. She has taken on all challengers and has done whatever it takes to be the champion. While some people may not agree with Mandy’s methods, it is difficult to argue that she hasn’t elevated the women’s division in the past year.

Even AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa was all praise for Mandy Rose. During recent appearance on the Busted Open Radio, Thunder Rosa picked Mandy Rose as the MVP of the week further saying that Rose has upheld the brand’s reputation.

“I’m gonna say Mandy Rose, and I wanna give an appreciation to her because she’s worked so darn hard in the last month representing the NXT brand and also working on her craft. When she was in Raw and SmackDown all that time, people did not have any respect for her, a lot of the time, because of her lack of skills, like there’s a lot of little things here and there. But I feel like she really has took the time. She has developed her character really, really well. People tune in to see her. She always makes everybody talk about her.

This last match she had, she’s showing a lot of fire in the fact that she’s taking a lot more risks as a champion. It really shows that she’s growing, and she is really committed to what she’s doing right now. She’s really committed to represent NXT’s women’s division as a champion. She might not be a high-flyer, she might be super spectacular, but what she’s doing, I think it’s very important because that shows you if you give time to someone and if you believe in them, that’s how you can develop and that’s how you can become. I think Mandy Rose deserves a little bit more respect because she’s really working very, very hard.”


Mandy Rose quickly responded to Thunder Rosa’s appreciation for her work by thanking her. Obviously, this captured the Toxic Attraction leader’s attention.

“Thank you! wow very well said! Appreciate those kind words @thunderrosa22”

Thunder Rosa replied to Rose’s tweet saying that she thinks highly of the NXT Women’s Champion. It seems the current AEW Women’s Champion has a lot of respect for the top woman in NXT.

“You are welcome, I think highly of you.”

Mandy Rose defended her title this past week on NXT in a Last Woman Standing Match against Alba Fyre. Although Toxic Attraction wasn’t there to help her, Mandy somehow managed to win with the help of Isla Dawn. We will have to see when Thunder Rosa returns to the ring, but there is currently call for her to relinquish her title instead.

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