AEW is an alternative to the WWE. MJF recently talked about the situation surrounding the company and CM Punk. It looks like things may be different than what it appears.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The backstage morale hasn’t changed regarding CM Punk. While AEW is still selling his merchandise and has him under contract, nothing seems to have changed in this direction.

Ace Steel is starting to do training seminars. C.M. Punk’s rehab of his torn triceps is said to be going really well. Colt Cabana wrestling Chris Jericho only made things worse as far as issues with the two sides.

Punk remains adamant he had nothing to do with Cabana being gone. A lot of talent in AEW believes and insists differently and it’s openly talk about.


Cabana being back only fueled that especially because it was Tony Khan’s decision and not a suggestion somebody else came up with. There also has been no change as far as we know in the Punk contract situation in that he’s still under contract here and they were still selling his merchandise this past week at the arena

Punk insists he had nothing to do with Cabana’s time off wrestling. A lot of talent in AEW thinks and insists on the contrary, and it’s freely discussed. Cabana’s return only reinforced it, especially since it was Tony Khan’s choice rather than a request made by someone else.

Ace Steel is now offering training sessions. The rehabilitation of C.M. Punk’s torn triceps is thought to be proceeding quite well. Colt Cabana wrestling Chris Jericho only exacerbated the two sides’ problems.

The Elite are returning at AEW Full Gear to take on Death Triangle in a welcome move for the fans and the company. Whether some other changes also take place or not is something to be seen.

Do you expect some other changes to happen? Sound off in the comments.

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