Two factions wanted to clash on WWE television, but it wasn’t meant to be. The Undisputed Era used to be the most dominant stable on the NXT brand. The Forgotten Sons on the other hand would soon rise to prominence among NXT viewers, but their run as a long-running stable wasn’t meant to be.

Behind the scenes, members of Undisputed Era and The Forgotten Sons expressed interest in feuding. Bobby Fish, a former member of the Undisputed Era, shared his theory on why that didn’t happen during an episode of The Undisputed Podcast. He stated that they never got that program that he believes they discussed several times.

We never did get that program together that I think we all talked about a few different times. We did have the one ladder match in Portland, which was fun to put together. I think really what happened with us and you guys was you guys were really kind of getting the Sons thing going, and I would say you guys were basically able to make other people look better than they were, and that’s kind of what we were too.

Steve Maclin, a former member of The Forgotten Sons, previously appeared as a guest on the podcast. He recalled a conversation he had with Paul “Triple H” Levesque about the rivalry never taking place.


I remember talking to Hunter and Hunter would tell us, ‘Well, they’re heels.’ I’m like, ‘Undisputed Era, I know you’re trying to make them heels, but the crowd loves them. Make them the babyface in this role,’ but they didn’t wanna turn you guys at the time, which we get. It’s his plan. So, it’s just, ‘Alright, we’ll just keep pitching ideas.’

Triple H appears to be taking his job very seriously in order to avoid any kind of controversy. Let’s see if he reacts to what Bobby and Steve have said. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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