Parker Boudreaux became a popular name due to his likeness to former Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. After a short stint with the WWE NXT as Harland, Parker made his AEW debut earlier this year during a Dark taping. Apart from his size and appearance, Parker has a lot of impressive tattoos on his body, and it looks like he got even more.

Parker Boudreaux recently took to Twitter to post a picture of himself with his growing collection of ink. The new tattoos covering his entire chest certainly look good. It will be interesting to see if Parker adds more ink to his body to complete the tough guy look.

Parker Boudreaux was hailed as the next big thing in wrestling. However, his star power has been due to his stark resemblance to Brock Lesnar. While he has made a couple of appearances on AEW as part of Trust Busters, he hasn’t made quite an impact as yet. Of course, he is only getting started.

Parker’s size and strength are his big advantage and his menacing look can help him get over with the fans if he gets the right guidance. We will have to wait and see if Parker can ascend the ranks in AEW.


Check out his previous tattoos:

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