The combat sports industry has seen many athletes take the final bow after reaching their peak and stepping away voluntarily. However, the industry has also seen Legends come out of retirement for a one-off match or a short run. The same can now be said for the UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn.

Dan Severn was a major name in the world of UFC. He became a mainstay for the company in its early days. Severn battled the likes of Mark Coleman, Ken Shamrock, and Royce Gracie and was considered as ‘The Beast’ of the Octagon. Dan is considered the first person to show true strength of amateur wrestling in the UFC. The Beast’s fighting style showed that martial arts was beyond fancy kicks and karate chops and ability to take down and control opponents was also necessary.

The UFC Hall of Famer announced his retirement from Mixed Martial Arts in 2013. Dan Severn still continued his professional wrestling career. His last appearance came in 2019 for Major League Wrestling at their second Battle Riot event.

It was recently announced by Cincinnati Ohio Wrestling that the UFC Legend will return to compete in the main event against The Baddest Man Alive Aaron Williams for the Cincy Wrestling Championship. This will mark a big match as Severn will battle for a title he won in 1995.


“Dan Severn is lacing up the boots after being retired down in Cincinnati and is fighting for a title he won there in 1995.”

Dan Severn won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on a Smoky Mountain Wrestling card in 1995 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He then went on to win the UFC 5 tournament Championship, making him the only person to hold a professional wrestling and MMA championship at the same time. Severn will be returning to Cincinnati in hopes of once again winning a championship in the same city after nearly 27 years.

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