The AEW All Out media scrum ended in chaos after CM Punk went on a scathing rant on Colt Cabana, Hangman Page, and The Young Bucks, verbally decimating everyone involved. Things only turned for the worse afterwards. Tony Khan was blindsided by Punk, and now Billy Corgan defended him.

During the media scrum when Punk went off the rails, AEW President Tony Khan was clearly blindsided by CM Punk’s outburst and couldn’t say a single thing to stop him.

Many people felt this was a disrespectful move and that Khan should have cut off Punk’s mic. While speaking to Steve Fall on Ten Count, Billy Corgan felt that it was unfair to judge what happened at the press conference and defended Tony Khan for not cutting off Punk’s mic.

“I think that’s an unfair question because we don’t know a lot of things that only Tony [Khan] and [CM] Punk would know.


If I was in a similar situation, to answer the spirit of the question, I think I would be calculating, ‘Is the controversy of what this person is saying gonna be good for the talent and for business,’ because there were aspects of what Punk said that were good for business because wrestling likes heat, or, as Eric Bischoff says, ‘Controversy creates cash.'”

Eric Bischoff also recently blasted CM Punk for being bitter and brittle. He will also be out of action for a long time, well into next year because of the injury. Things simply don’t look good for Punk in general.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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