Eddie Kingston is still a fan favorite in AEW, and not afraid to speak his mind. Kingston has been a great singles competitor as well as gained some attention thanks to his alignment with Jon Moxley. It is because of that friendship that we may have Kingston vs MJF to look forward to.

The Salt of the Earth is scheduled to compete against Jon Moxley at AEW’s upcoming pay-per-view, Full Gear, for the AEW World Championship on November 19th event in Newark, New Jersey. This will be MJF’s first major one-on-one title opportunity. MJF cut a promo on last week’s edition of Dynamite, vowing to leave Full Gear as the champion.

Eddie Kingston on the other hand won’t be competing at the event after being the first wrestler to be eliminated from the AEW World Title eliminator tournament. Kingston’s lost to Ethan Page after the Firm’s member connected with a Ego’s Edge from the top turnbuckle.

The Mad King recently retweeted post on Twitter expressing his desire to face the Japanese superstar Jun Akiyama. MJF posted a GIF to respond to the tweet, claiming that no one cared about Eddie Kingston. Kingston immediately bounced back and responded to the Devil that he should worry about the AEW World Championship first because Kingston was not worried about him yet.


“Don’t you have another Long winded promo about the same sh*t you say every week? Or is Tony finally over that? You are full of sh*t and you may fool the people but not me. Worry about Mox because I ain’t worried about you. YET,”

MJF took no time to respond to Eddie Kingston, mentioning that he should worry about him, even doubting his ability to draw numbers.

“Don’t ever be worried about me. There’s a pecking order bud. Good luck catching up to me. I’ll keep drawing ratings. You keep drawing flies.”

Eddie Kingston will finally get his wish on the Rampage before AEW Full Gear, as he is set to team up with Ortiz to collide with the Japanese icon Akiyama and Konosuke Takeshita of DDT Pro-Wrestling in a tag team match. We’ll have to see how everything pans out for all involved.

Do you think MJF would become the AEW World Champion at Full Gear? Sound off in the comments!

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