Rhea Ripley has worked closely with Triple H since the beginning of her WWE career, whether in NXT UK, NXT, or the main roster. WWE’s Chief Content Officer clearly thinks highly of her. Ripley just voiced her thoughts on him taking charge of the main roster.

In an interview with Wes Styles, Rhea Ripley stated that “it’s fantastic” so far. “It feels like the way that NXT felt when I was there which was very warming and family sort of vibes,” she said. “Everyone wanted to help each other and just have a fun time, but also make the best product that we could.”

Since embarking on his current role, Triple H has received praise from members of the WWE roster, fans, and industry icons. The WWE Hall Of Famer is known for working closely with the talent. When it comes to booking the shows, Ripley says he’s “helpful with everything.”

I love the fact that Triple H is down by the ring before the show, and you get to talk to him and we get to throw ideas back and forth. He explains things in a different way and it’s very hands-on. That’s one thing that I think I love the most. He makes you feel like you know exactly what’s going on instead of guessing and then being nervous that you’re going to stop something up.


Ripley says Levesque is “just like such a father figure” to her. She has lately returned to ring action and has had the opportunity to interact with some of the male talents, including Luke Gallows. Let’s wait and see what else she has in store for us. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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