Anthony Ogogo picked wrestling from scratch when he transitioned from boxing to pro wrestling. Ogogo signed with All Elite Wrestling in 2019 and then engaged in a feud with Cody Rhodes. AEW also cut time off from their match.

Anthony Ogogo had the biggest match of his career at AEW Double or Nothing 2021 when he faced Cody Rhodes. They had a weigh-in before the match, which Ogogo hated.

While speaking to Cultaholic, Ogogo reflected on the match with Cody Rhodes. The former professional boxer revealed that AEW cut time off from their match.

I don’t want to get into trouble, so I’m not going to talk too much. Sometimes silence speaks a thousand words. I asked for the anthem, they said no for certain things, certain reasons. I asked for people dressed up like beefeaters. I didn’t get it. I asked for a few things to really ramp up. We actually lost … the match was good, it could have been really good, we lost six minutes of our match because time constraints. I think there was a battle royale before that went heavy. We filmed a really cool Rocky montage, a five-minute cool Rocky montage. The promo packages before the match, think of Austin and the Rock, by the time the bell goes, you’re frothing at the mouth. We filmed something really cool for that, but we had to cut that because of time. We had to cut 40% of our match time, which was the moments.


The moments between the moves. Our match could have been better had we didn’t have to cut our time because we had these special moments planned and they had to go. That was really frustrating. It was my first foray on the big stage. I didn’t get my bulldogs, I didn’t get my beefeaters. The match wasn’t quite what it could have been because of time constraints, which I understand. After that, we had a big meeting, ‘people have to stick to their times.’ It’s not fair people having their matches [cut] because other people’s unprofessionalism. It was a great way to make my way. I had a lot of fun. I would have liked certain things to change, like certain outcomes be a little different. I believe I can be a player in pro wrestling moving forward. I feel I will be a big deal

Ogogo hasn’t competed since the AEW Dark episode on September 20th. We’ll have to see when he will come back.

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