The Elite is one of the most important factions in All Elite Wrestling. The EVPs had an excellent run before it all came crumbling down at AEW All Out following a backstage incident, resulting in their suspension. Now they are ready for their return, and it looks like Full Gear is the landing pad.

AEW recently started airing vignettes that appeal to the fans, and it looks like The Elite could be back in AEW before we know of it. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are set to receive a return like Bray Wyatt, or even CM Punk, where the fans know it’s happening, but it isn’t announced.

They made it very clear that the Young Bucks & Kenny Omega are returning on the show. The match with Penta & Fenix & Pac makes the most sense but the latest video gave the impression it was just a return similar to Punk and Wyatt, where they make sure you know it’s happening but it’s never announced since the announcers never follow up on any of the videos when they air. Not that this return will have the same results since they were only gone for two-and-a-half months.

We do know that their return will be similar to Bray Wyatt in the WWE, because everyone knows it’s happening at this point. The company’s EVPs were taken off television after a fight broke out backstage following AEW All Out Media Scrum.


That seems to be AEW’s plan at the moment, and it seems favorable, too. AEW fans and stars have shown support to The Elite through this ordeal with CM Punk, so this should happen soon.

It will be interesting to see them fight against the current Trios Champions, but no one knows how they will return and what will be the storyline around this emphatic return.

What do you think of this possibility? Sound off in the comments.

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