Taryn Terrell had a notable career in the pro wrestling world. Previously known as Tiffany in the WWE, she primarily stopped competing in 2015, but she returned for a short Impact Wrestling stint in 2017. In recent memory, she had a bit of a comeback while wrestling for the NWA. She has now finally decided to announce her departure from professional wrestling.

On November 9th, Terrell wrote on Instagram that it was time for her to hang up her boots. She expressed her gratitude to the NWA and the CEO for the opportunities. Terrell also expressed her best wishes to the business and said that she planned to continue entertaining by performing stunts.

“In my career, I often have not been able to be the first to “break my own news”. At every company, it makes it to the public before I was truly ready to say anything. Anyhow, I have decided that it is time to officially hang up my boots…forever. It’s so bittersweet. NWA gave me a wonderful opportunity to manage. The problem is, I can’t be beside that ring and find happiness.”

Taryn made sure to thank and give shoutouts to every significant person in her career. She applauded the girls she was close with and the rubber duck clan. Terell cheered them to keep “kicking ass” in the future.


The official NWA Twitter account graciously responded to the post. They said that everyone had enjoyed seeing Terrell excel in the ring and on the sidelines. She will be missed, it said, and wished nothing but the best in her future endeavors.

In 2012, Terrell joined TNA and was appointed the women’s division’s an official referee. Later, through a plot involving Gail Kim, she changed into a wrestling character. She previously held the title of Knockouts Champion for 279 days.

It’s great to see Taryn including so many people in her blessings as she leaves the stage. Her presence will be missed however her legacy will continue to remain in the NWA.

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