Ethan Page has been a prominent feature on AEW programming ever since his arrival in the company. Although he hasn’t won any championships in AEW, he has been a part of some key storylines. This has helped his stock rise. All this fame has made him a target recently.

Ethan Page’s Twitter handle has been acting a bit strange recently. The AEW star has been posting some weird offensive tweets that have left fans confused. He started by tweeting about a Telegram channel and then made some misogynistic comments toward one woman, and things escalated from there.

“Shut up, woman. Back to the kitchen.”

“Sorry to break it to you, but if you’re watching p*rn and you think that you’re depressed, stop watching p*rn and try to go the gym or just work out, trust me you feel better.”


“Listen: Do NOT become a weak men. Go to the gym, stop watching p*rn, stop talking to hoes, become a WRESTLER just like me!”

Despite his onscreen persona, these tweets were a bit odd even for him. Apparently, it wasn’t Page who posted those tweets, Instead, it was someone else who hacked his account. Ethan Page confirmed that his Twitter account had been hacked, since he was busy eating arepas and playing with his son. He even apologized for some of the tweets that they had posted to his account.

“My Twitter has been hacked. I’ve been eating arepas and playing with my son. I’m sorry for all the insanely offensive things that they are posting. That. Is. Not. Me. – Julian Micevski.”

It now looks like the issue is in progress of being fixed. Hopefully, this kind of thing doesn’t happen again, but you never know with the Wild West that is Twitter. You may check out some of the offensive tweets below.

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