Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter has made some new changes to the social media platform. These changes have seemingly carved out a huge difference between WWE and AEW, two of the biggest wrestling giants in the world today.

Musk introduced a new feature for all creators to pay $8/month and get the verified blue checkmark on their profile. However, to maintain the difference of accounts who pay for their verified status against those Musk views important enough to be verified on their own, he has also introduced the new ‘Official’ label appearing underneath the account.

WWE is one step ahead of the game, and they are “official,” but AEW does not have the Official label on their profile. It is looking like Elon Musk’s move has somewhat proven that WWE is the only wrestling giant in the world with AEW being a second rate wannabe promotion, who is no competition for the global juggernaut. Of course, Twitter can fix this if they just make AEW an official account.

The Twitter owner has far more wealth than Tony Khan and with this move, the AEW General Manager can do nothing but remain inferior in front of their rival, WWE on the leading social media platform. Musk’s actions have nothing to do with a personal beef with AEW President Tony Khan, but can be seen as a smart business decision.


Elon Musk giving the Official badge to WWE can be seen as a way of protecting WWE, while hampering Twitter’s credibility in the process. Only time will tell how this comes out in the end, because Twitter is always changing.

Do you agree with Elon Musk’s decision of not giving AEW an Official Badge? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

Nikunj Walia is a creative professional with a unique ability to think outside the box. He is able to apply his talents across a variety of niches and is known for his flexibility and innovative approach. Nikunj's goal is to make a name for himself as a content creator, event host, digital expert, and Indian Influencer, while revolutionizing the way fans consume wrestling content.

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