Elon Musk wants to run Twitter in his way. He already has a plan in place to make his money back on this deal to purchase Twitter after initially backing out. Twitter recently confirmed plans to allow users to buy blue-tick verified status, and those with blue checkmark badges already aren’t happy, especially Amy Weber.

Twitter stated that a new feature will be open to users in certain countries who sign up for their Twitter Blue for $7.99 per month, hiking that price from $4.99 a month. The policy change is controversial, as there are concerns that the platform will be swamped with fake accounts with blue verified badges.

The policy also had an impact on a former WWE star. Amy Weber’s account was hacked a while ago. That resulted in some of Amy’s fans getting conned out of money by hackers.

The former Diva took advantage of the opportunity to mock Elon Musk. She also made it clear that the blue tick means nothing.


I mean who cares if people were stealing your identity and asking others to send them money? That blue check mark means nothing.

Let’s wait and watch how Elon responds to Amy’s troll. The entire Twitter platform is going through some major changes, that’s for sure. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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Shivangini Rawat

Shivangini, a law student, writes for Ringside News to share her passion for wrestling. She joined in 2021, striving to deliver the best content while enjoying her hobbies of baking, cooking, reading and playing musical instruments.

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