Cora Jade is one of WWE’s biggest talents, who is expected to continue to perform regularly for the company for many years to come, according to many fans. However, according to recent reports, Triple H has great expectations for the 21-year-old in the company.

Just like the fans, it appears that Triple H feels the same way, as ‘The Game’ reportedly has high expectations for her, according to WrestleVotes. In fact, there is a belief within WWE that Cora has the potential to grow into “the next Sasha Banks.”

“Everybody loves Cora. She’s on the fast track to becoming the next Sasha Banks. She has the same thing Sasha has, she’s talented she’s got this unique look about her, she’s super young and she’s pretty decent in the ring, right? The potential of her becoming a big deal is high and WWE sees that.”

There is no information yet regarding when Cora will be promoted to the main roster, and WrestleVotes noted that they wouldn’t be surprised if she is given more time in NXT to grow. However, when Triple H is promoting Jade, it is apparent that she will have a significant impact on both Raw and SmackDown.


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Smita Singha Roy

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