It’s been 2 weeks since MJF suffered an attack by the hands of The Firm on the October 26th episode of AEW Dynamite. MJF has been MIA ever since from all forms of media. It seems he came across something so infuriating that it mandated a break in silence amidst recovery from the attack.

A Twitter exchange between Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and a fan could be seen where they were debating who should win Rookie of the Year. The Twitter user believed it should be Logan Paul, but Meltzer quickly introduced some candidates who are equally deserving of the title of Rookie Of The Year.

It wasn’t soon after that MJF chimed in, telling Meltzer that nobody knows what he’s talking about. He also shared his views on who should really be awarded the title of Rookie Of The Year.

No one knows who the f*cks in dragon gate in America outside of you and a 1000 randos.


Hook takes the cake and that’s coming from a guy who thinks he’s a poor. The fact I have to tweet this when I’m in immense Pain after the firm attack is sad. The things you do to me dave.

After MJF fired Hathaway for going against his orders and attacking Jon Moxley, he was assaulted by The Firm. Ever since the attack, there has been no sign of MJF until now. It has got us thinking whether this is a sign he’s ready to return to the AEW ring.

Do you think MJF is going to return to Dynamite any time soon ? Share your thoughts in the comments

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