Bobby Lashley is currently one of the real veterans of the WWE. Fans must have recognized Bobby’s commitment to his Hurt Business, though. Bobby Lashley recently disclosed that he’ll make sure to reunite the Hurt Business.

Bobby Lashley promises to resurrect the Hurt Business. The Hurt Business will be reformed, according to Lashley, who previously made strong suggestions that MVP, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin will be included. After a brief reunion in 2021, The Hurt Business parted ways permanently in 2022.

When they teamed together in May 2020, MVP and Lashley established the organization. In an interview with Radio Rahim in Saudi Arabia, Lashley expressed his desire to win the WWE Tag Team Championships at some time as well as his intention to revive the Hurt Business.

“The Hurt Business was something that everybody loved and everybody will still love. Never say never. Not even never say never, I will make sure that somehow, some way, we get back together because it seems like right now, everybody is getting back into some sort of group in the WWE. There are so many different factions coming together.”


“The most important faction and one of the biggest factions for the last few years, the one that took us through the pandemic was the Hurt Business. During the pandemic, everyone else was staying at home, so many people staying at home, didn’t want to go to work, so many people who took a backstep. The Hurt Business stepped up. We were every part of the show for a long time. That should get a rebirth.”

Booby Lashley has meticulously prepared his mind to revive the Hurt Business. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Ringside News for more developments.

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