Paul Heyman has been one of the most well-known and established names in the pro wrestling world for decades. There is no one who can doubt him when it comes to his understanding of the business. In fact, he is more than aware of how Triple H functions and has a rather interesting view on Triple H taking over WWE.

Triple H took over as head of WWE Creative after Vince McMahon retired from WWE for good. Since then, a lot of changes have been going on in the company and fans approve of them.

While speaking on After The Bell with Corey Graves, Paul Heyman talked about Triple H taking over WWE. Heyman made it clear that she doesn’t believe Triple H taking over WWE is drastc.

“Well, it’s different than the last transition because the last transition was going to be the end of the New York territory and the beginning of a national and then global expansion because anybody that had seen the rise of Vincent Kennedy McMahon knew that his vision and his goals and his ambitions could not be contained with just the Northeast territory. He saw the expansion of cable and he realized it’s a national game now and with the eye on once it becomes national, it’s gonna go international. So it was also the end of professional wrestling in the Northeast and the implementation of sports entertainment. The entire concept of bigger, better, brighter, Madison Avenue friendly, licensed out action figures, and T shirts, and memorabilia, etc, etc, the big vision for what was a very enormous contained niche industry.”


“Now we’re seeing a regime change of a five and a half billion dollar publicly traded global conglomerate. It’s a far different type of progression into the future because the inheritance of the product comes along with the fact that the product is already established with billion dollar license fees and therefore there is an expectation of what the product is. There’s not going to be that drastic of a change in the entire concept of what we’re promoting, to go from Worldwide Wrestling Federation, which then became World Wrestling Federation, to the concept that is now World Wrestling Entertainment. That was the last transition. This transition is, what do we do with this World Wrestling Entertainment with its billion dollar license fees and how do we progress it into today’s culture, to dominate today’s culture, to compete with the NFL and the NBA and the NHL and Major League Baseball and overseas futbol and soccer and cricket, etc, etc, let alone every every other form of entertainment that’s out there.”

Paul Heyman is currently the Special Counsel to Roman Reigns and remains an integral part of The Bloodline. We’ll have to see what’s next in store for Paul Heyman.

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