Omos is arguably the tallest wrestler on the WWE roster today. The Nigerian Giant’s stature is rivaled by only a few wrestlers in the business. Because he towers over almost every other WWE superstar, it’s only natural for Omos to look down while talking to his peers.

Omos appeared on the latest episode of Xavier Wood’s gaming channel, UpUpDownDown, on YouTube. The Nigerian Giant joined Kofi Kingston, Woods and Tyler Breezer for the episode titled, “Battle of the Brands 2K22: Giant Problems and Tight Budgets!”

At one point during the video, Omos pointed towards Kingston and told Woods there’s a “little animosity here,” prompting a WWE-esque promo response from the former WWE Champion. Kingston called out Omos for his comment, noting that he’s above average.

Kingston said Omos shouldn’t call him little just because he himself is a big man. The New Day member joked that he was trying to put Omos over by sitting in the back and letting him grab all the spotlight on UpUpDownDown.


The whole exchange lasted for nearly two minutes. Omos stood up towards the end of the video to prove his point, causing Woods to burst into laughter. As for Kingston, he stopped yelling after that. Check out the hilarious exchange in the clip below.

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Manik Aftab

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