WWE boasts a robust roster full of talent. Despite this, WWE is always looking to recruit new talent to its growing roster. Now, it looks like WWE will extend its talent search to Africa.

During today’s Q3 earnings call, WWE co-CEO Nick Khan revealed that WWE will start a talent search in Africa as soon as next week. The company will dispatch its recruitment team to Nigeria to kickstart the process.

“This deal also involves the introduction of new, localized WWE content, starting with content creation around the WWE talent search in Africa. Beginning next week, we will have members of the WWE talent recruiting team traveling to Nigeria to start the search.”

WWE was supposed to hold a two-day tryout back in 2020, but that never took place due to the covid-19 pandemic. Recently, WWE held tryouts in Nashville, Tennessee as part of their SummerSlam weekend which resulted in 14 college athletes receiving their WWE contracts.


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Sunil Joseph

Passionate pro wrestling fan. Sunil has been writing WWE content writing for over the last five years. Sunil still gets excited when he gets to tell people that he gets paid to watch pro wrestling.

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