Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are one of the most influential tag teams in modern wrestling history. They are also one of the most decorated teams in the industry. Despite their vast list of accomplishments, they are most widely linked with ladder matches, particularly the first-ever Tag Team Ladder Match in WWE, which also featured Edge and Christian.

Matt Hardy recently discussed the most appropriate storybook ending for The Hardy Boyz’s tag team career. All four men have had significant success as singles competitors over the years. However, Matt Hardy claims that in a perfect world, he and Jeff Hardy would end their career as a tag team by fighting Edge and Christian one last time.

“I mean, I think in a perfect world, it’s Edge & Christian,” Matt Hardy said during a recent Q&A edition of his podcast, The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.

You know, those are the guys that we became stars with and our rivalry is just so iconic. I feel like that would be a pretty amazing way to end it, have one last match with those guys.


Matt Hardy did say that the only other option for a retirement tag team match would be against Matt and Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks. As of now, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy’s last tag team match on record is against Matt and Nick Jackson at AEW Double or Nothing 2022. After defeating The Young Bucks, Matt Hardy hoped that 2022 would be the year that The Hardy Boyz cemented their legacy as the greatest tag team of all time.

Unfortunately, the family’s need to focus on Jeff Hardy’s health and well-being put those plans on hold. Let’s see if they get to fight that one last match for their and the fans’ satisfaction. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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